Sunday, 2 April 2017

The Weird and Wonderful Funny Farm

If I was to tell you some of the things that happen on the Funny Farm you would look at me with raised eyebrows and say 'you're joking'.  I sometimes have to remind myself that these things actually do happen and the sad part is we don't bat an eyelid now as it is all so normal.

A day on the Funny Farm is a unique experience and one that,  with only the people who live the life, would understand.

The last week has seen the following scenarios.  Waking up at 6am with my father standing over me telling me its raining.  This being because a week ago I had given him the task of letting me know if it starts to rain because I had washing on the line.  

Getting a phone call in the middle of dressing, from the vets and running round the house and farm in my underwear and one sock shouting for Holly.

Sitting on the toilet when Holly comes marching in with a goat to tell me that it has an injury to its face. Also on many occasions having the dog and one of our cats keep me company while on the toilet.

As we speak I have just been interrupted  with my father in his pants because he has lost his trousers.  They are probably in the fridge or somewhere similar!

Having a shower with the water going cold every two seconds for three seconds then hot again.  

Letting out 19 cats, keeping in five, feeding five outside cats, one kitchen cat and two wild cats in the cattery.

I am also not forgetting the night time fun and games, when my father gets up and makes breakfast at 3am thinkings its morning.  

Then there is the cockerels who think its morning during the night and keep everyone awake.  The staying dogs who bark all night and the cats who haven't been sterilised yet who howl in the boiler room in search of a non existent male.  

The rubbish collection lorry then turns up every two weeks at around 2.30am and wakes the dogs who bark and growl waking the whole house up. 

This morning a baby duck was found dead, strangled by feathers of the chicken who is mothering it.  Strange but true, you learn something every day.

Then there is the duck having its first swim in a baby bath in the bathroom, a chicken being powdered in the garden, a dog having his nails filed, a goat with his head stuck through the fence, a mouse who keeps popping his head out at breakfast time (even though we have 28 cats) and the guinea pig who has just had a haircut.

There is also the midnight runs around the farm with a torch because you have heard running water and have to find out where its coming from.  Last time it was a tap in the goat house which they had cleverly turned on and run the hot water tank dry!

This is just a small glimpse of the fun and games we have and  life is never boring.  After living a normal life of office work with a semi detached house with everything at a touch of a button, this life is somewhat different. It's a raw basic life with tears and laughter along the way, one we have had to get used to and learn to love.  We appreciate the small things like running hot water and a fire in the winter. We don't fret when the electric is cut off for days as we have learnt, by experience, to have every possible means available to be able to boiling a kettle and make a brew.  

All in all Life on the Funny Farm is ok xx


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