Tuesday, 5 February 2019

A Year in the Life of The Funny Farm Cat Rescue

Looking after a rescue centre is hard work, rewarding, sad and happy.  We've had hundreds of pussy cats and kittens come through our centre last year and its been the busiest year yet.  We've been doing this for many year but we became an association last year and have had many events to raise money.

Rescuing cats and kittens is not all roses and powder puff, you have to be strong and dedicated.  It is not for the faint hearted and sometimes its hard to continue.

During the year we have sat up all night pipetting milk into one day old kittens, we've cradled kittens who didn't want to live without their mummy and just faded away, we've dripped hundred of drops in lots of eyes, we've popped many pills down lots of little throats, we've squirted cleaning liquid in lots of ears, we've quickly recognised many diseases, viruses and problems and successfully treated  them all, we've been in the vets at 3am helping to put drips in and injecting little ones, we've watched badly injured cats go through operations and not pull through, we've nursed little sickly kittens back to health, we've watched some kittens fight back with every fibre of their body, we've vaccinated, neutered, micro-chipped, tested and waved goodbye to hundreds of cats as they start their new life in their new homes, we've helped cats with seizures, neurological problems, deaf blind cats and many abandoned cats left behind, we've taken on old cats, handed in to be put to sleep, we've had foster families fall in love with their foster cats and given them a home, we've got through many packets of rubber gloves, shoe protectors, aprons, cat litter, cat food, kill everything cleaner, mops, flea treatment, worm pills and bedding, we've neutered cats in our catch and release programme who don't want to be released and become part of the farm, we've had many cats sitting on us at night all wanting to be loved, we've cried until there were no more tears, laughed until our bellies hurt, loved like our hearts would burst and felt so proud, but above all we've succeeded in finding great homes for so many little ones who would be dead now if we had not have stepped in.

It's all about the cats, not us, not the money, not point scoring or wanting praise, we don't make any money from this we are a non-profit Association, we just do it to try to make a difference to a little furry life with a tiny beating heart, a little life that just wants to have a warm lap and a full tummy and to feel that they belong.

If anyone would like to help us continue our mission it would put joy in our hearts and food in their bowls.

You can donate to our Paypal which is thefunnyfarmrescue@gmail.com

If you would like to see some of our lovely rescued pussy cats and kittens and the work we do, or if you would like to get involved, please visit our Facebook Page

The Funny Farm Cat Rescue

We couldn't do what we do without everyones help and support, this year we had over 60 cats and kittens.

Thank you for taking the time to read this - Heather and Holly xx


  1. Oh Heather, you are an angel. I am going to share this post to the stars and back!

  2. Such a great blog Heather. Knowing the Funny Farm as I do I know how hard it is and how hard you work for each and every pussy cat but it is also easy to see that the beautiful fur balls in your care from the very young to the very old are loved unconditionally. Xxx